Aloha! I'm so excited to Connect with You!

Let’s get you scheduled for the right call for you!

Connect Call

Aloha Friend!
I’m so Excited you to Connect with Me!
Please let me know the #1 Question you want me to help you with on this call.

(15 minutes)

Welcome Call

We’re so excited that you decided to get started! This is a short call to help you get set up for your journey!

Prior to the Call:

  • Download the IsaLife App
  • Watch the Welcome Videos:

During the Call:

  • Overview of the IsaLife App
  • How to find Resources
  • Set You Up for Success
(15 minutes)

Launch Call for Team

Let’s Set you up for Success!

Prior to Call:

  • Complete Getting Started Form

During Call:

  • Game Plan Interview
  • Launching Business
(30 minutes)

Personal Meeting

Thank you for setting up your Personal Call or Podcast with Kawai!

Prior to Call Please Confirm with Kawai Topics to be Covered

(1 hour)
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